Appointed Interim Moderator for La Communauté Siloé

Looks like I have been appointed Interim Moderator for La Communauté Siloé.  This is a Cameroonian Canadian community of 80-100 people in attendance that meets at the Presbyterian College, Montreal.  The Presbytery of Montreal has recently given permission for them to explore becoming a full-fledged congregation.  I look forward to working with this group of committed and joyful Christians and their current pastor Eloi Agbanou!  En français, et je vais essayer!

From the A&P website (can’t fine theirs):

“Siloé is the French translation of Shiloh, the portable shrine that Moses built in the wilderness, and was placed at Shiloh until the city was destroyed in 1104 BCE. The name is generally understood to mean “the peaceful one,” or “he who is to be sent.””