Holding the Messiah

Holding the Messiah
8 6 8 6

The hoped for child in aged hands,
The child that moves and sways,
The world to look toward God again,
The Consolation of all days.

This Tide has only come with time;
O Israel to wait.
Fulfillment after darkened days,
In Light the nations wake.

To hold this Ocean in his arms,
Each drop his eyes drink in,
Messiah rests in his embrace,
God’s All with Simeon.

God’s All, the Christ, is in our midst,
Like Anna celebrate.
Now hold him in the good we see,
He’s here, but still we wait.

Like Simeon we wait with faith,
Until that final day;
Christ’s waves of Consolation come,
All waiting washed away.

J. Gregory Davidson
Epiphany 2006

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