Intermission – what did I DO?

Well, it has been an amazing intermission (Presbyterian version of a sabbatical).  As it comes to an end, I’m left with the question, so what did I DO?

Here are a few things:

1.  I reflected a lot on ministry, especially the last 5 years.  I ended up blogging these reflections, mostly around change, transition and the start of another worship service at Briarwood.  You can find these here.

2.  I rested.  This was good.

3. I read.  Mostly from the new 9-volume series, “The Cambridge History of Christianity“.   And no, I didn’t make it all the way through!  One day.  But this is an amazing and detailed take on the development of the Christian movement, working mostly from primary sources.  So you get to hear/read from lots of actual people throughout the history of Christianity.

4.  I worked on a 10,000 word long essay or mini-book on the Anglican mystic Evelyn Underhill.  Here’s an introduction to what I’m talking about.

Wishing everyone the peace of Christ.  Back Sunday the 14th!


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