12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

7.  I learned that….When you start another worship service it’s easy to try new things

Maybe you remember being in meetings – long meetings – about whether or not to have a hymn after the sermon, or whether or not to share the Peace of Christ, or whether or not to change the way the candles are handed out Christmas Eve.

12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

One thing about starting a new service is that everything is new, so you can easily try new things!  Basically anything, anytime you want!

For example, at the service we started we offer Communion by intinction.  The theology of journeying with Christ is well reflected in standing up and walking with others to the front of the church and back to get your bread and wine.  It’s also great to use our feet in worship!

During the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving, there was a month or two when I actually invited people to make with their arms the sign of the section of the prayer we were on.  For Creator – arms over your head in an earth circle.  For Saviour, a cross.  For Spirit, something else.  Tried it.  And as is our greatest, most trusted litmus test in the Church – no one complained!

I invite people to bring their coffee into the service.  Great.

We add or take out a song mid-service.  Great.

I use a new Statement of Faith most weeks.  (Always looking.  Please send!)  Great.

A bi-lingual French/English opening prayer and Psalm.  Perfect.

When everyone is new, there’s no set way you’re disrupting or offending.  The flip side is that it can take longer to build in traditions that ground us.  Either way, starting another service can bring huge freedom in worship expression.  And being able to try new things anytime is, well, basically amazing.

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