12 things I learned when our church started another worship service

1.   I learned that…It’s more work than you think.  

You might be kicking around the idea of starting another service at your church.  All the gurus say ‘it’s the quickest way to grow attendance’.  You might think, sure, update the church sign, get the ushers there a little earlier, bump up the musician’s hours.  No sweat.


12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

Well the conversation we had at our church went on a bit longer.  We actually had flow charts, personnel plans, updated worship assistant schedules, details on how to count the offering, even discussion on whether or not to separate it from the other service’s offering (we didn’t), timetables for who will open the church and when, notes to contact the coffee coordinator, how Communion might look, a whole page of notes on a new order of service.

We planned.  Presbyterian style. I’s dotted.  T’s crossed.

But nowhere did I plan for the extra energy required for the brand new service.

Oh another worship service.  Just another 60 minutes out of the week.

Far from it.  Faaar.

In the wonderful and amazing God-moments I’ve witnessed now that it’s up and running, it’s been a lot more work than we planned.  For church administrator, elders, board, ushers, musicians, for me the pastor, everyone.

And worth every, single ounce of it!

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long before the energy poured out has come back, by Grace, and ten times more.

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