Sunday’s Coming 104

Greetings Friends,

This weekend is as full as ever at the church.  Thank you for remembering people and events in prayer:

the Youth Group meets for Game Show Night tonight at 7;

the Funeral of Heino A., including an Estonian Hymn Sing, at 11 Saturday;

the Funeral of Pierre. D., son of Yvette N., at 2:30 Saturday;

two services on Sunday morning, with kids faith programs, Communion and Lunch at the 11:30;

the first appearance of Briarwood’s Canada Youth 2012 Youth Band at the 11:30 a.m. service Sunday.

On Sunday morning we come to the story of the birth of Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25: 19-34, and how their birth speaks to their present and shapes the future.  We will also dedicate to God Briarwood’s new furnace, and remember in prayer those who have died in the last year.

Clocks go back Saturday night.

Thank you to Danielle P. for these links:

Children Events for November

Youth Events for November

With all good wishes.

In Christ,


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