Summer newsletter letter


This year I was asked to go the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  Among all the wonderful people and new resources that I came across, one was a list of 7 gifts for ministry.  These are gifts a church needs to be emotionally, spiritually and financially healthy.  Over the summer, have a look, and reflect on where your gifts are in this list and how God might be calling you to use them at Briarwood.

  1. The church needs administrators (Genesis 41: 29-40)
  2. The church needs servers (John 11: 17-44)
  3. The church needs encouragers (Acts 11: 22-26)
  4. The church needs teachers (1 Corinthians 3: 5-9)
  5. The church needs people of vision (Luke 3: 2b-20)
  6. The church needs generous givers (Genesis 13: 1-12)
  7. The church needs people of compassion (Luke 10: 30-35)

On a personal note, our family looks forward to our 8th annual cousins camp.  We are trying a new spot this year new Algonquin Park.  We’re up to nine cousins on Lindy’s side of the family, so it should a wonderful week.

With best wishes,



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