May Newsletter Letter

Dear Congregation,

Thank you to everyone for making April such an excellent month at Briarwood; for Tisha Lynne M. for championing the all-night Youth Vigil with 10-12 High School students;  for Judy P. and committee, running the successful Teacher/Leader Courses on April 21 with 25 leaders from Briarwood, Taiwanese Robert Campbell and the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul; for the tremendous support for all the Good Friday and Easter services.  

In May, are things supposed to slow down?  Doesn’t look that way at the moment.  I look forward to Messy Church for young families and their children on May 11th and for the one Blended Service and BBQ on May 27th, Pentecost Sunday.  

This season of Easter and Pentecost were not quiet ones for the first Christians.  There was buzz.  Questions about Jesus and what really happened to him and what it really meant.  There was call.  Call from Christ to reach out in new ways, yet undiscovered.  There was Spirit.  A Spirit uncontrolled, fresh and free.  

As we come into this month at Briarwood, we’re not entering into it another other way except this way – a month of the presence and power of the risen Jesus, and a month of the transforming activity of God the Holy Spirit in our lives, in this church and beyond.

I look forward to May 20th, when one of Briarwood’s newest members, Nabih Saikaly, will share what this community of Christian faith means to him.

With God’s blessing and best wishes,


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