Sunday’s Coming 73

Greetings.  This Sunday at both services we will celebrate the appointment of Judy Pemberton as Director of Family Ministries, with a special liturgy. We continue with the Gospel of Mark, where Jesus teaches about the true meaning of the Sabbath (2: 23-28).  At 10 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion.

It’s been an amazing week at the church with Judy’s work beginning – now visible in updates to the Nursery, and a new and ingenious place to display information on events and programs for families.  The West Island Gazette has published a story on Judy’s arrival in this role.  See article here.

It’s also been an amazing week at the church with the Faces We Love/Visages Aimes exhibit.  I have had so many meaningful conversations with people who came to enjoy the photos.  Believe or not another local paper picked up this event!  The West Island Chronicle covered the opening.  See article here.

This week we remember in prayer,

Jim. T;

the Youth Group, who meet Friday night;

the Bible Study for Parents and Tots, which begins Wednesday at 10 a.m.;

the College and Careers Group, who meet Thursday night at the Heusers’.

With best wishes,


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